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Basin Mixer

Reach the level of elegance you have always wanted in your bathrooms and WCs with washbasin faucets that create spaces with meticulous details.Discover high-quality faucets that provide efficient water flow and are resistant to calcification and rust.

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Basin Mixers

Basins, which are among the indispensable ceramic sanitary wares of bathrooms, are completed with mixers. Basin mixers , which vary depending on the shape of your washbasin, the characteristics of your bathroom and your needs, are among the important products that will offer you comfort. In addition to ease of use, compatibility with your bathroom, and durability, basin mixers should have details that will reflect your style. Keeping a close eye on modern technology, Kale offers you special series suggestions for your bathroom basin mixer selection. Basin mixers, which should have different features with the kitchen sink mixer due to their area of use, are here with different styles and innovations at Kale. You can examine Kale designs to choose the most suitable one among the basin mixers.

Bathroom Basin Mixer Designs for Different Styles are Available at Kale

Kale has different types of basin mixers in the mixers category. The Basics, Zero, Verde, Trevi, Sempre, Nova, Mare, Artdeco, Anglosaxon, Tandem, Victorian, Eternal, Idea, Waterfall, Karina, Diamente and Technology series stand out with their stylish basin mixers, which know the needs of modern people and reflect their own styles in designs. Kale presents these series to you as Elegant Collection, Classic Collection and Modern Collection. While the plain and straight lines in the Basics Series grab attention, the reflections of the rounded lines in the Zero Series stand out. The Zero Series, which harmonizes with Zero Series bathroom furniture and sanitary ware products, is also preferred with its matte black basin mixer option. Zero, which also has a 40% water saving feature, shows its sensitivity to the environment very clearly.

With their slim and ergonomic designs, the basin mixers in the Verde, Trevi and Sempre series are among the indispensables of minimalist designs. Basin mixers in the ergonomic Verde series, Trevi series with 35 mm ceramic cartridge with angled spout, and Sempre series, which do not allow limescale formation thanks to its silicon aerator, become the symbol of an innovative approach in your bathroom. Ergonomically designed basin mixers in the Nova Series offer a special product range that is preferred in kitchens as well as bathrooms. The basin mixers in the Mare Series, which are especially preferred for narrow spaces in small bathrooms, are preferred with their 360-degree usage feature.

Classic Lines Meet with Modern Technologies

Anglosaxon, Victorian and Artdeco series, which are among the basin mixers that will impress you with their stylish posture in different washbasin forms, have lines that reflect the nobility of the classical style. You can choose to use the curved mixers in the Artdeco Series as bowl basin mixers , so you can see the harmony of chrome, gold and rose gold basin mixer colours in your design.

While the magnificent form of the Anglosaxon Series creates a different ambiance in your bathroom, the combination of other product categories in this series and your basin mixers completes your style. Anglosaxon basin mixers with porcelain handles can allow you to make a difference. The designs in the Victorian Series with chrome and gold colours complement the curved lines with fine and elegant touches. This series may be the right choice for those who want to see the elegance of classical style in their bathrooms.

A Special Detail in Your Design: Basin Mixer

The Tandem Series in Kale adapts to every bathroom with its 3 different sizes of basin mixers. Reflecting its form in harmony with its comfort height and lengths, Tandem is also preferred with its 360-degree rotation feature. The Eternal Series, which has a waterfall flow system, increases the comfort and pleasure in washbasins. The Idea Series stands out in smart bathroom designs with its rounded and angular lines, 35 mm ceramic cartridges that regulate heat and flow, and 40% water savings. You can add value to your life by exploring these rich series of Kale.

While the basin mixers in the Waterfall Series save water with the flow stabilizer, the brushed nickel appearance in the Karina Series allows an elegant ambiance to come to life in your bathroom. With its modern lines and features that maximize functionality, the Diamente Series enables you to save 40% of water thanks to its special ±70 movable head flow regulator. The Technology Series, which allows to fix the temperature of hot and cold water thanks to its thermostatic feature, is offered to you with different technological features such as water saving, timer and touchscreen.

You can get more detailed information about all these series and basin mixer prices from Kale sales points, examine the website in detail, and learn the details of the product you choose.

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