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Bring your personal hygiene experience to the top with economical and innovative faucets that can be used safely in many different living spaces with their innovative technology and stylish design.

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Faucets, which bring water to you and are one of the most important details in your bathrooms, are here with a transformation that meets your needs with different features and reflects your taste by standing out from the ordinary appearance. With its guaranteed, useful, durable, aesthetic, economical and practical features, Kale faucet models allow you to experience the serenity of water in your bathroom with its waterfall flow, while saving 40% water and allowing you to flow only 7 litres of water instead of 12 litres. They meet all your expecations and offer you options that address different tastes in different series by harmonizing with all furniture and accessories in these special living spaces. Offering stylish models with comfort heights and comfort lengths, Kale continues to make a difference in your home.

Faucets Harmonious with Classical and Modern Styles

You can experience the reflections of extraordinary tastes in your bathroom with faucets. You can feel the periodical traces of the classical style Anglosaxon, Victorian and Artdeco series thanks to faucets. Artdeco's elegant posture and rose gold, gold and chrome color options enliven the nobility of the classical spirit in your bathroom. The faucet models in the Anglosaxon Series, on the other hand, create the legends in your bathroom with their porcelain handles and the glamorous magnificence of gold. With its curved silhouette, Victorian Series prefers the elegant style of chrome and gold to convey aesthetic taste with the help of faucets.

The plain, simple and clear attitude of the modern style towards faucets leaves an admirable impression in your bathroom. The Basics, Zero, Verde, Trevi, Sempre, Nova, Mare, Tandem and Karina series each carry a message from the future. These designs, which will adapt to your modern style, can be among your preferences for your kitchens and bathrooms. The sharp lines of the Basics Series, the matte black color option in the Zero Series, and the slim and simple elegance of the Verde Series can offer you new ideas during your faucet selection. The inclined posture of Trevi Series, the ability to adjust the flow rate of the water in the Sempre Series, the ergonomics of the Nova Series, and the comfort of 360-degree movement in the Mare Series can change your perspective on faucets. While the designs in brushed nickel, rose gold and chrome colours in the Karina Series reflect the aesthetic taste of modern life, three different size options of the Tandem Series may be the reason for preference.

Special Technologies Extraordinary Faucet Models

Kale follows the innovations in faucets, as in all other products, and offers you products manufactured with the most modern technologies. Watertight faucets that are protected from water and moisture, and faucets that provide contact-free hygiene promise cleaning opportunity that will protect your health. Faucet types with honeycomb flow regulator feature that saves 40% water, on the other hand, blend water with air and bring this saving to your homes. The models that you will use for many years thanks to their ceramic cartridges have durable chrome coatings. Thanks to its extended spouts, a comfort area that offers you ease of use, and running water faucets with moving flow regulators offer you freedom during use. While you experience the comfort and confidence during access to cleaning, these durable products that offer long-term use are ready to continue adding value to your life by integrating with your taste in your bathroom!

Kale Considers All Details for Your Meeting with Water

While Kale's faucet series appeal to the aesthetic understanding of classical and modern tastes, they also generate special solutions for all spaces with their functional features. The faucets that you will prefer in your homes or in public areas allow you to experience many usage details that will make life easier. You can visit the sales points to examine Kale's special series and obtain detailed information about the faucet prices in these series. You can find out all the information about faucets in our product catalogs and on our website, and you can discover the faucets you need in your living spaces using the comprehensive product search option.

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