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Kaleseramik continues its successful story in the past with successful brands that follow the future. Having an important place in architecture with exclusive designs, Kaleseramik makes a difference in many spaces from indoor areas to outdoors, and from commercial solutions to effective applications in common living areas. You can discover the aesthetic features and the touch offered by new technologies in the collections of each brand for the solutions you need.

If you want to experience the nobility of ceramics in all interior spaces, from the kitchen to the bathroom, you can opt for the legendary style of Çanakkale Seramik and the new interpretations by Kalebodur. You can introduce some striking innovation in your bathroom with the award-winning series of Kale and reach the future with unlimited ceramic applications of Kalesinterflex. With T-One by Kale, you can feel the attractive texture of porcelain at your fingertips in your kitchen, while providing breathable living spaces with all the special decoration applications of Kalekim.

Inspiring Collections from Çanakkale Seramik and Kalebodur

Çanakkale Seramik and Kalebodur, the two important brands of Kaleseramik, symbolizing trust, reinterpret their experience in ceramics with new technologies. Inspired by every detail in the nature, these brands allow you to use wood, marble and natural stone in your living spaces together with unique styles. In the rich collection catalogs, you sometimes feel the nostalgic melodies of Pera and sometimes the warm Mediterranean breeze from Italy. In these collections with traces of geometric patterns and natural and rich colors, every place you live gains an identity.

Combining the wood texture with ceramic, Çanakkale Seramik's Rustic Wood, Woodream, Legni, Sundeck, Sia, and Chakra and other series can provide you with warm feelings in your living spaces. While Monart and Millennium series carry traces of the future, classical details are striking in the Orientile Collection. The Royal Gallery Collection and Brickyard and Fjord series, where Kalebodur reflects naturalness with modern traces, may convey minimalist effects to floors and walls. Kalebodur Hued Series, on the other hand, can create a striking effect for those who like to see differences together.

Kalesinterflex Removes Borders in Ceramics

As a Kale brand, Kalesinterflex is an important brand designing the spaces of the future. Kalesinterflex collections can be preferred in different conditions, on different floors and in large areas with a limitless experience of ceramic application. Produced in large sizes and in thin sheets, Kalesinterflex ceramics stand out with their features. You can choose among the matte or polished options offered by Kalesinterflex, a preferred solution especially for exterior applications thanks to its durability and adaptability to all conditions. Offering advantages in public areas such as shopping malls, offices, cafes and restaurants, this brand can be the choice of those looking for a difference in the interior.

Glamorous Kitchen and Bathroom Ceramic Series from T-One by Kale

T-One by Kale designs porcelain countertops, furniture and bathroom furniture that provide the harmony you aspire at home. Eliminating the classical look in the kitchen, T-One by Kale is the creator of porcelain countertops that are hygienic, easy to use, designed with clear and smooth surfaces and simple lines. Reflecting the convenience desired by every modern person who loves freedom in the kitchen, T-One by Kale provides a privileged experience in furnitures and different spaces in your home. The comfortable, modular and durable furniture provide a modern look to spaces. With T-One by Kale bathroom furniture, you can explore the functional options which are resistant to water, moisture and steam, and are stain and scratch-proof.

Very Special Solutions from Kalekim for All Living Spaces

Providing effortless and safe application of the fine details of the decoration process, Kalekim demonstrates its expertise in bathroom, sheathing, decoration and tile adhesives. You can explore Kalekim products for special applications for different spaces. Representing Kale assurance in all architectural applications such as bathrooms, kitchens, pools, balconies and terraces, basements and foundations, floors, interiors and exteriors, Kalekim provides tailored options in construction chemicals.

Maintaining the philosophy of adding value to your living spaces in each brand, Kale provides a different perspective to bathrooms with Kale. With details prioritizing hygiene and health in the bathroom, Kale continues to create special collections with long experience and strong references. All the details that should be in a bathroom, such as ceramic sanitary ware, faucets, shower and bathtub cabins, acrylic bathtubs and shower trays, bathroom furniture, shower systems, and bathroom accessories are present in Kale in a stylish, convenient and durable way.

To experience quality, trust and aesthetic elegance, you can examine Kale brands and opt for suggested solutions and stylistic details for different spaces.

A Refined Mediterranean: Edilcuoghi Edilgres

Kale strengthened its pioneering position in architecture with the Edilcuoghi Edilgres brand, which transcends borders and reflects the aesthetic spirit of the Mediterranean. Working on the unique look of the innovative design style, Edilcuoghi Edilgres becomes the pioneer in sophisticated style. In this special brand with collections emerging from the harmony of unity by eliminating spatial borders, designs with primary colors stand out. Different size options for ceramics further emphasize this harmony of unity in a wider perspective.

Kale Privilege in Bathrooms

Kale represents Kale's signature in exclusive bathrooms. Functionality is also very important for the brand, which stands out with its bathroom cabinet series and bathroom accessories in its private collections. Kale designs stylish faucets that you can use safely, bathroom cabinets that produce endless solutions for storage, and washbasins and WCs that reflect aesthetic pleasure. Whether you have a classic or modern, or natural or innovative style according to the style category you choose, Kale makes your dreams come true with a detail that would reflect your taste.

You can discover the design details of all Kale brands, specific to your style, in Kale stores and catalogs.

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