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Representative of Innovative Perspective: Kale Ceramic Models

Kale ceramics models, created with the focus of new generation life philosophies that put the needs of the soul as well as the body's needs to the forefront, aim to offer their users a perfect living space where every detail is processed with quality. The creations combining the codes that define bathrooms as a holistic purification area with meditative elements redefine the identity of wet areas. The types of ceramics representing classical, modern, innovative and natural styles meet with beautiful colors, lines creating graphic effect, and dynamic patterns. You can also create an original composition by choosing among Kale ceramic models and prices that best suit your stance.

Increase the Atmosphere of Wet Areas of All Sizes with Kale eramic Models

Bathroom ceramic models under Kaleseramik's Çanakkale Seramik brand have dimensions and shapes that carry its user's unlimited horizons to areas. The size range of the bathroom tiles offered by Kale, which has delivered the ceramic that has determined the aura of wet areas for centuries to creative minds, is quite wide. The creations feature the most useful combinations of varying sizes starting from about 7 centimeters. In addition, thin borders that may be needed when applying bathroom floor tiles can also be found in the series.

Most Useful Bathroom Tiles Representing Simplicity

Kaleseramik creations contain exquisite models embellished with iconic symbols of pure beauty. Relief textures are also used from time to time in the collections, which combine calm lines with light tones.

Wabi Shiro creation, dominated by white, is one of the representatives of simplicity. In Wabi Shiro, which blends nude tones with light colors inspired by imaginary journeys, matte and glossy rectified white bathroom wall tiles are combined with a relief texture that creates a sense of depth.

Revealing its modernist spirit in every detail, the rectified satin texture of the Motion series attracts those who want to create a setup appealing to all senses on vertical surfaces. The white, black and gray bathroom ceramics in the collection cover the floor with glazed porcelain.

The first choice of those who love the appearance of natural stone is the Ophelia series. The matte form of the collection, in which floral and linen patterns are embroidered in the same color with light cream tones, offers a natural posture on floors and walls.

The Most Elegant Representatives of Classical Style

Bringing the time-defying codes of the classical style to wet areas, Kale wonderfully infuses its products with the atmosphere of the period it inspired. Blending the dazzling light of golden tones with classical lines, Vivaldi creation is one of the favorites of assertive silhouettes. This creation, which catches an exquisite harmony with bone and mink colored bright vitreous ware (WCs and washbasins), is ideal for creating an admirable space.

Those who want to have light delicate nuances in wet areas, on the other hand, prefer the Shine creation. The collection, dominated by black and white tones on laminated special ceramics, provides a different identity for the space.

Exotic Touches with Colorful Bathroom Ceramic Models

Among the colors of Çanakkale Seramik collections, are also delicious tones inspired by nature and rejuvenating the soul. Ivory, sage and mustard tones are at the forefront in Fabric creation, which goes beyond the limits in bathroom setups with textile-textured ceramics. In the Moonlight collection, which synthesizes the relief texture with glossy stones, blue and green ceramics that soothe the soul grab your attention. Bringing movement to spaces with its herringbone-like geometric forms, the Windsor series combines classic tones with red, honey and navy blue. Claire, which includes pastel versions of nude tones, feeds the meditative energy of the space with the soft atmosphere it creates.

Floor ceramics and wall tiles are not limited to these. There are different items representing all styles in these exquisite ceramic creations, created by creative designers who follow innovations. In addition, the prices of bathroom tiles appropriate for different budgets make life easier for those who want to embroider style into every detail of life. You can also explore the creations whenever you want. You can find the ceramic models you need for an accent that will add dimension to wet areas at Kale.

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