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Kale Group, whose foundations were established in 1957 as Çanakkale Seramik Fabrikaları A.Ş. ("Dardanelles Ceramic Factories, Inc.") has pioneered the establishment of the Turkish ceramic industry in its journey of more than half a century and a global giant with its investments in this field...

Kaleseramik, the leader of the Turkish ceramics industry operating under the umbrella of Kale Group, is the fourth largest ceramic tile manufacturer in Europe and the 17th in the world. Kaleseramik, which pioneered the establishment of the Turkish ceramics industry reaches consumers with 400 sales points in more than 100 countries as a major player of the international ceramic market with its brands Çanakkale Seramik, Kalebodur, Kale, and its Italian brands Edilcuoghi, Edilgres and Campani. Realizing Turkey's first ceramic export in 1962, Kaleseramik aims to reach a permanent market share by comprehensively analyzing the preferences and expectations for ceramic coating and vitrified products in the target countries. Italy, the ceramic base of Europe where Kaleseramik realized a brand investment in 2011, has become the third biggest one among the target countries as of today. Kale Group opened three showrooms in Pakistan, Qatar and Morocco. Kaleseramik became the first Turkish ceramic company to enter the Pakistan market as a dealer with the Kale showroom opened in Lahore at the beginning of 2016. Kaleseramik realized a factory investment of 145 million TL in total in the last two years with the aim of increasing its production power. Kaleseramik, which started production in its new granite factory in 2016, also realized the KaleSinterfleks investment and new wall tile masse preparation facilities this year. By increasing its ability and capacity to produce innovative and thin tiles thanks to these factories, Kale Group now is the firm that offers the biggest large-sized tiles product range to the industry. For open positions in Kale Group, you can visit Kariyer.net and LinkedIn pages by using the links below and apply for positions that suit you.

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