Innovation in ceramics!

It started to take its place in new generation kitchens with its durable structure, hygienic surface, and aesthetic appearance.

Kalesinterflex, the world’s thinnest, lightest, most functional and most special porcelain tile, brought a major technological breakthrough in the Turkish and global ceramics industry when it was first launched. Becoming the new favourite in architecture and construction, Kalesinterflex reduces building loads offering safer use with its weigh much lighter than ordinary ceramic tiles. Combining technology with innovation, Kalesinterflex tiles can be used in a range of areas such as kitchen countertops, bathrooms and home furniture thanks to its superior quality. Only three millimetres thick, Kalesinterflex tiles can be sized up to three metres for the building industry to apply new ideas and create modern spaces.

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Keyifli Mutfakların Yenilikçi Yüzü
Keyifli Mutfakların Yenilikçi Yüzü
Technicial Specifications

Techical Specification T-One porcelain countertops are produced by laminating 5 mm thick Kalesinterflex porcelain plates in sizes 120 x 360 cm and 100 x 300 cm.

  Corrosion Resistant
  UV Resistant
  Crack Resistant
  Scracth Proof
  Fire Proof
  Low Water Absorption
  Easy to Clean
  Stain Resistant
  Resistant to Cleaning Materials
  Can Withstand High and Low Temperatures
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Our Prominent References

They also preferred Kalesinterflex's hygiene and durability.


Kalesinterflex occupies a very special position within the Kale brand's philosophy of offering you a better life. Developing technology and special production conditions are among the remarkable details of Kalesinterflex products. The Kalesinterflex brand, which adopts its sensitivity to the environment at the production stage, knows how to achieve perfect results by using less energy and raw materials. With its thin, large, flexible and light product features, Kalesinterflex is a brand that moves away from standards, evokes innovation and invites all spaces.

Kalesinterflex ceramics, produced with very special details so that you can be prepared for the unexpected effects of different conditions, are resistant to flames and chemicals. In addition to being hygienic and environmentally friendly, it is also highly resistant to UV rays and stains. Long-lasting Kalesinterflex is here with special solutions for different spaces.

You Just Imagine, Kalesinterflex Builds

The brand's ceramics, with their different sizes, have the feature of adapting to the spaces you want. This unique product, which has the distinction of being the thinnest ceramic plate in Turkey with its thickness of 3 mm, is also produced with 5 and 6 mm thickness alternatives. The main production sizes of Kalesinterflex, 100x300 and 120x360, open the doors to new interpretations in architecture. Realizing your dreams, Kalesinterflex enables you to achieve aesthetic and useful results in design.

Aesthetic Reflections of Ceramics in Different Spaces

Answering the question of what is Sinterflex, Kaleinterflex, which provides stylish and functional ceramics than the other, can be preferred in all places where you want to create matte and glossy effects. Kalesinterflex, which also has glossy and molded alternatives on matte surfaces, can be used in different areas in architectural applications with its glossy surface. Sinterflex façade application reflects the aesthetic stance of ceramic on the exterior with its light structure and thin form. In addition to this stylish stance, its resistance to different climatic conditions is one of the features that makes the brand privileged.

With its large dimensions where the number of joints is reduced, it can be preferred especially in large spaces and collective use areas. The signature of the brand takes place in ceramic applications that attract attention with their elegance as well as functionality with their different colors and textures.

Usage Alternatives from Furniture to Kitchen Worktops

Kalesinterflex offers you exclusive suggestions at different points in your living spaces, together with exterior and large space applications. Tables, bathroom furniture, kitchen counters reflect the clear lines of minimalist style through Kalesinterflex ceramics. The choice of professionals, Kalesinterflex wins your admiration with the effect of a work of art. Ceramic, which allows you to include unlimited applications on unlimited surfaces with unlimited color choices, becomes an important symbol of modern times.

Superior Features, Stylish Appearances Gained with New Technologies

Kalesinterflex guarantees its quality and production conditions with internationally valid certificates. Kaleguard Defense, which does not allow viruses, prepares a safe environment in every area touched by you and your loved ones. Kaleguard Defense, which provides hygiene on contacted surfaces, puts your comfort and health at the forefront.

Ceramics reflecting a different identity depending on the space you want to apply with matte and glossy surface options, allow you to create stylish looks with the naturalness of their textures. Marble, natural stone, wood textures integrate with durability, simplicity and warmth. Color options and special dimensions in their collections are among the details that make Kalesinterflex ceramics extraordinary.

You can discover the entire product collection of the brand, which is the symbol of modern life, at Kale stores. You can examine the Kalesinterflex price options and get information about the sinterflex m2 price. Kalenterflex, a Kale brand, while inspiring your style with its new interpretations in architecture, draws attention with its preferable products with features that emphasize functionality. Kalisinterflex offers you special suggestions for different spaces, from large spaces with communal use to intimate living spaces of your home. You can examine these unique ceramic collections for the natural, warm, healthy and stylish environments of your dreams.

You can examine these unique ceramic collections for healthy and stylish environments.

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