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Lighting Systems

Lighting systems, that create an ideal field of vision with minimalist and stylish details, enable efficient use of every space in your bathroom.

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Lighting Systems

Knowing that a little sparkle in your home will make a big difference and add a fresh look to your space along with brightness, Kale also professionally designs this special detail for your bathrooms. It enables you to make the final touches in your decoration effectively with its lighting systems. The LED lighting systems,together with the products in Kale's special series, create a restful effect in modern living spaces. Lighting systems that you can use in harmony with bathroom furniture with special styles allow you to create the desired effect for your living spaces. A soft light in small spots or a strong brightness in the area you want to focus on might be enough to create a profound effect on your design.

LED Lighting Systems in Harmony with Bathroom Furniture

The choices you make for your bathroom, among home lighting systems, need to be special for you and your family. Lighting systems also need to be specially chosen for these special places you use to start a new day or to relax and get rid of all the stress at the end of a tiring day. Lighting systems that will create a profound final touch effect that will emphasize these projections in designs that bear the traces of different styles, whether classical, modern, romantic or natural, are offered with magnificent alternatives for you at Kale. Vintage Series of Kale has special lighting systems compatible with style of design. Vintage wall lamps create an outstanding appearance for your bathroom with chrome and black color alternatives. With their stylish and elegant appearance, these wall lamps create elegant shadows in the places they illuminate.

Mirrors and cabinets combined with lighting systems are also quite remarkable in these stylish furniture designed for you by Kale. LED lighting systems in your bathroom cabinet and washbasin mirror provide a dynamic start, while bringing a fresh and eye-catching effect in your environment.

Smart Lighting Systems Elegant Wall Units

Among the smart home lighting systems, special applications for bathrooms are offered to you with the special selections and designs of Kale. The illuminated wall units in the Icon Maxi Series standing out with the harmony it created from the differences, highlight the striking design effect, especially in large bathrooms. Chrome lighting systems of Icon Maxi have the potential to be the choice of modern bathrooms with their functionality as well. This wall unit, which allows the lighting on your wall to offer you convenience with its shelf unit and hanger, will charm you with its very elegant look.

You can experience a special and aesthetic approach about lighting systems with the combination of mirrors and wall lamps in Icon Mini Series. The chrome wall lamp in the mirror frame, designed in the form of natural wood on MDF, draws attention as a very elegant touch design on your mirror. Again, in the Icon Mini Series, you can bring the unique interpretation of special tastes to your bathroom with the illuminated wall unit. You can implement contemporary and smart solutions instead of classical lighting systems in your bathroom which you detail with modern looks.

Innovative Designs that Go Beyond the Limits with Home Lighting Systems

Lighting systems symbolize a small but effective touch in Kale's innovative, modern and solution-generating designs. These brilliant ideas, which you will involve in harmony with your furniture and accessories while recreating your bathrooms, offer you a great innovation even on their own. You can visit Kale sales points to closely review the lighting systems that bring a different effect than you expect in your bathroom with their extraordinary styles and elegant looks, and you can explore the Kale website for detailed information about these small details included in the special series. You can make the most special choices that reflect you among the rich product range in the catalogs. You can create the effect of modern touches in your bathroom and complete your design in the most correct way with lighting systems.

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