T-ONE by Kale creates the unique look in living spaces by focusing on people, design and technology

Kale, which created many innovative products to date in Turkey, provides great convenience to life with T-ONE by Kale, a product developed with a focus on people, design and technology. T-ONE by Kale, which is born out of Kalesinterflex and where ceramics are taken out of the conventional usage area, creates a holistic appearance on every surface you touch with different product solutions.

Kaleseramik, the pioneer in offering high quality, functional, stylish, and reliable products that appeal to different tastes in Turkey, offers creative solutions with its innovative products. Created with the genius use of revolutionary Kalesinterflex — the largest and thinnest porcelain ceramic plate produced in our country, T-ONE by Kale creates a difference in living spaces as a coating product. It provides great convenience as it can be used in a wide range of products from kitchen benches to bathroom furniture, tables in living spaces to TV units.

We open a “clean” sheet in kitchens with T-One Kitchen Counter

Securing its place in modern kitchens, T-ONE Porcelain Countertop is designed to further joy in kitchen with its durable structure, hygienic surface and aesthetic appearance. T-ONE Kitchen Countertop, produced with Kalesinterflex plates that breaks the molds of ceramics in architecture with their superior features, is equipped with features that can meet all your expectations with its special lamination application.

T-ONE always protects itself against different conditions of environments and use, and thus will accompany you for years with its durability in the kitchens where we spend a lot of time in our home. T-One also stands out as a long-lasting product due to its resistance against scratches, fractures, stains, heat and cold, and abrasion.

Kitchen furniture and countertops that are manufactured using Kalesinterflex and highly appreciated with their stylish and functional structures are waiting for consumers in Arçelik Leisure stores as well as in Kale stores.