Masuma Ceramics to be sold in Kale Stores now!

Kale continues to deliver the customers products of popular brands in Kale stores with the aim of providing integrated solutions for needs of different groups of products.

Previously collaborated with brands such as Gorbon, Hansgrohe, and Homemade Aromatherapy, Kale has recently joined forces with Masuma Ceramics, renowned for its handmade products. Masuma Ceramics’ products will be offered to consumers in Kale stores.

"It makes us extremely excited to collaborate with such a strong brand that pioneered the ceramic industry in Turkey. Our products that will be offered in Kale stores where prestigious brands of Kale are presented with a new merchandising concept, will contribute to a different atmosphere of the spaces with a design that also fits the minimalist lines of Kale." said Nida Basoglu, founder of Masuma Ceramics.

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