Kale offers digital solutions to consumers with its new generation retailing approach

Turkey's leading ceramics brand Kaleseramik continues to lead the industry with the innovations it implements in the field of retail. Setting a higher standard in the retail industry with its collaborations with brands that stand out in its field, Kaleseramik opens its Kale Fulya Store with a magnificent event. The store has been completely renewed with digital solutions increasing the consumer experience to the next level. Architects from all over Turkey attended the opening.

Kale is a pioneer in using new technologies that provides great convenience to consumers with its new generation retailing approach. Completely renovated with its digital solutions, Kale Fulya Store welcomes consumers with the 'Kale Design Lab' system, which will be used for the first time in the sector and offers an integrated experience service. By freeing consumers completely, the system offers them the opportunity to create personalized spaces where they will reflect their unique styles. The system consists of a digital interface that helps the customer to visualize the selected products practically within the space setup. It meets the need to see/touch the product of consumers and professionals who visit the store. And also it provides an augmented experience by digitally dressing this product in a place. The system helps the customer to visualize the products fit their needs and style within their own space setup, and provides consumers with 4 different styles as classic, modern, innovative and natural.

Kale collaborates with different brands

Kale signs important collaborations with brands that stand out in their fields in order to ensure that its customers meet their different product group and segment needs in one area, and thus aims to raise the bar higher in the retail sector. In line with the understanding of producing holistic solutions, Kale brings together the products of valuable brands such as Gorbon, Hansgrohe, Geberit, Karoİstanbul, Sonia Gedy, Design Mixer, Hüppe, Masuma Ceramics, Homemade Aromaterapi with consumers in its stores.