Kale Design and Art Center is now open

A dream to make the dreams of thousands of people Come True.

We are thrilled to transform our Karaköy building, which once hosted our first head office, into yet another very meaningful center:the Kale Design and Arts Center (KTSM). KTSM recently opened its doors in a ceremony with a selection of works by one of the most important representatives of ceramic art in Turkey, Attila Galatalı, which will remain on display until 21 September, and now offers an area of joint production and learning for art and design students, new graduates and professionals in Istanbul.

With the goal of being worthy of the industrial journey our founder İbrahim Bodur embarked upon in line with his philosophy “Human First”, we have worked in a variety of human-oriented areas and continue to do so. To date, we have contributed in arts and culture through the works we have created, books we have published and sponsorships we have undertaken in arts, design and architecture. And now, we aim to launch several events under the KTSM banner in addition to these. KTSM will help participants develop their individual competencies through workshops, speeches, exhibitions and other activities, hosting interdisciplinary efforts in design, arts, and all other creative industries.

We believe that KTSM, which is 500 square meters spread across 5 floors, will be a center of attraction for Turkey and our region as well as Istanbul. The KTSM building features a ceramic production area, an exhibition hall where the output of the workshops will be shared, speech and presentation areas, a common area for group works, a 1,000-book library, and a 3D printer as well as workshops featuring various models and production materials.