Future of Ceramics: Generation 4.0 Project

At the Generation 4.0 project launched in collaboration with our business partner Kingfisher plc, we met with teachers and students from various district schools at the Kale factory in Çanakkale.

On 6-7 April 2019, we met with 93 high school students and 12 teachers coming from various districts and schools at our factory.

At our Circle Up camp, organized as a part of the Future of Ceramics: Generation 4.0 Project, we discussed entrepreneurship, patenting process, technology and social benefit generation and many more topics with the attendance of our invaluable guests.

We thought, imagined and produced together for innovation in ceramics. We worked on the competencies and sustainable development goals of the 21st century through our games and workshops.

Using our ceramic and coding skills, we developed innovative and creative ideas that generate solutions to tackle the problems around this. Now, we are developing our prototypes in order to implement our ideas.