Celebrating Our 61st Birthday as one!

As the Kale of these lands, we celebrated our 61st birthday with great excitement at the 27 July 2018 Ceramics Festival.

The “61st Anniversary” of Kale Group and the traditional “Ceramics Festival” were celebrated at ceremonies held in Çan, Çanakkale –the birthplace of the group. As a part of the ceremonies, Kale Group President and CEO Zeynep Bodur Okyay opened the Kalekim Balıkesir Factory, Çan Sodium Silicate Facility and Troy: Land of Dreams exhibition. At her speech, Ms.Bodur commented: “We continue our industrial journey with an increasing pace, determined to raise the flag we took over from late İbrahim Bodur even higher. With the new projects, investments, collaborations we launched, we continue to build our future without any pause.”