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Photocell Basin Mixer

Photocell faucets that provide water flow only when needed and offer a contactless personal hygiene experience thanks to its special sensor are an ideal solution in many places such as homes, offices and shopping malls.Prepare your living spaces for the future with photocell faucets that add modern interpretations to spaces with their new generation technology and aesthetic design.

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Photocell Controlled Basin Mixer

The designs of modern spaces compatible with technology are also carried to bathrooms. The increasing importance of cleanliness and hygiene in protecting your health is also reflected in your product choices in your living spaces. Photocell controlled basin mixers grab attention as the best example of this. While photocell controlled basin mixer models have come to the fore in individual uses in recent years, they are especially preferred for areas where commonly used for many years. In hand washing areas such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls, where they are used in crowds, the photocell controlled basin mixer helps to protect your health by reducing contact. Eliminating all obstacles in your meeting with water, Kale continues to make a difference with photocell controlled mixers. While meeting your needs, it creates designs that value you.

In Quest for Technology: Photocell Controlled Basin Mixer

Technology Series, one of Kale's special mixer series, offers you a selection of photocell controlled basin mixers. These products, which are designed according to your needs and areas of use, are also charming with their stylish appearance. Photocell controlled basin mixers produced using new technologies have a thermostatic feature. Thus, this series, which allows you to access water freely by fixing the hot and cold water temperature according to your usage habits, also has a water saving feature. Photocell controlled basin mixers in Kale Technology Series are also frequently preferred in public areas, thanks to their time setting and touchscreen features.

In the Technology Series, the Classic Photocell Contolled Basin Mixer, Compact Mono Photocell Controlled Built-in Basin Mixer, and the Cube Mono Photocell Controlled Built-in Basin Mixer together with its liquid soap dispenser represent the ultimate point of change and innovation in bathrooms. Cube Mono also has electric and battery-operated options. In the same series, Flat Dual Photocell Controlled Basin Mixer, which also offers side use, and Height Mono Photocell Controlled High Basin Mixer with its self-adjusting sensor distance are among the remarkable designs.

Photocell Controlled Basin Mixers in Harmony with Your Elegant Style

Photocell controlled basin mixers in Kale Technology Series have lines that adapt to different styles. Adapting to the looks of modern, classic and minimalist styles, this series is ready to make a difference in your bathroom. Orion Mono Photocell Controlled Built-in Basin Mixer with its photocell controlled soap dispenser having a filter at the water inlet is one of them. The Pro Built-in Thermostatic Bathroom Mixer, which will be an ideal choice for your shower, and the Reno Mono Photocell Basin Mixer, which appeals with its simplicity, are among other products in the series.

The other special designs of the Technology Series, which also offer water saving and have liquid soap dispenser options are Semper Mono Photocell Controlled High Basin Mixer, Tetra Mono Photocell Controlled Built-in Basin Mixer, Tetra Multi-Functional Photocell Controlled Basin Mixer and Trendy Dual Photocell Controlled Basin Mixer. If you want to protect the health of your family by using the possibilities of technology in your bathroom, photocell controlled basin mixers will be the right choice. Photocell controlled basin mixers, which offer easy use for private washbasins with their different heights, aim to create a modern effect on the silhouette of your bathrooms with their new generation interpretations.

Kale Designs for Modern Life

Photocell controlled basin mixer models, which are among the special designs of Kale that can be preferred especially for public areas, offer unique options for those who want to make a difference in their homes. If you want to get detailed information about the prices and features of photocell controlled taps in the Technology Series, you can visit Kale sales points, and review the details of the products you like on the website.

Equipped with special technologies suitable for your wishes, these mixers bring a significant change in cleaning into your life. After the time spent with soap and water, you may consider all the products of Kale Technology Series to discover the value that photocell controlled basin mixers, which offer you effective hygiene and maximum savings, will add to your life. Now it is time to include mixers that will amaze you with their unique designs and stylish posture into your modern life!

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