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Outdoor Ceramic Tiles

Offering a holistic look with hundreds of colors and patterns that reflect every taste, ceramic tile collections outside the home make a difference in living spaces with their solid surface and functions.

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Outdoor Spaces

You may wish to experience the comfort of your home in outdoor spaces according to your aesthetic taste. Achieving a quality, solid and elegant appearance on the outer facade of your home will leave a good impression on you and your visitors about the striking character of your home before entering your home. In your architectural choices for outdoor spaces, outdoor ceramics can play an important role in this effective look. You can achieve the durable and stylish stance you are looking for when choosing a home exterior with ceramic coating. Kale offers you alternatives for indoor areas as well as outdoor spaces through its different collections. Considering your preferences and the characteristics of your home in every collection, Kale leaves you to make a choice only.

Outdoor Spaces Have a Character with Ceramics

When you want to provide a new style for your home, it may be the right choice to start with balcony decoration. If you want to capture the peaceful effect of the natural look, you can choose Kalebodur’s Brickyard Series brick look for outdoor spaces. Offering you exclusive series for balcony tiles, Kalebodur’s natural stone texture stands out for harmony at your exterior. The Brickyard Series with a glazed granite quality can provide smooth natural transitions on your balcony.

If you want to experience the effect of Mix & Match on your balcony and turn your balcony into a fun place with the remarkable design of this combination, Kalebodur’s Hued Collection can create the dynamism you are looking for. This collection, which reflects the harmony of colors such as white, beige and anthracite, and inspired by different materials such as wood, stone and marble, allows you to create an extraordinary ambiance for outdoor spaces.

A Solid Stance on the Exterior

With its durable structure against different weather conditions, exterior ceramics greet you with the signature of Kalesinterflex. Coming to the forefront with resistance to flame and chemicals, Kalesinterflex products allow you to be prepared against outdoor surprises. Thanks to its photocatalytic feature, Kalesinterflex is resistant to high temperatures, cold weather and stains and cleans stains with rain and sunlight. Hygienic and environmentally friendly Kalesinterflex can be preferred for outdoor spaces with its highly resistant structure against UV rays.

Valuable Choices for Your Pleasant Moments

Ceramics produced by Kalesinterflex with different features for outdoor spaces can be used in various structures such as pools thanks to their health and the environment sensitive properties. Proving its quality in pool ceramics, Kalesinterflex adds value to your pleasant moments thanks to a production process going beyond the standards. Designed with the use of less energy and raw materials, Kalesinterlex makes a difference where it is applied thanks to its thin, flexible and light properties. Allowing you to experience the effect of modern times in different living spaces at once, Kalesinterflex also enables you to experience the freedom offered by boundless options of color, surface and installation. Self-cleaning and hygienic ceramics help you enjoy without worry in public areas such as pools. Kalesinterflex prevents the formation of mold, fungus and bacteria in its Kaleguard secured product range. Thus, outdoor spaces also become safe for your health. Kaleguard Defence technology approved by national and international organizations protects you in spaces equipped with Kalesinterflex.

Kale continues to respect your health and the environment while designing different collections for outdoor spaces with its exclusive brands. Stylish designs shape your style for indoor as well as outdoor spaces. By examining Kale catalogs, you can discover all these privileges and consider the different brand styles that reflect your taste or that are a new source of inspiration for you.

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