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It is possible to have kitchens that turn the time spent in them into a great pleasure. The effect of your design style is also important in the kitchen of cheerful dining tables, where you will share your taste with your loved ones. The results attained in a kitchen designed in accordance with your style make everyone happy. Every detail is important in a decoration that offers ease of use, as for a stylish design. Kaleseramik considers all details from floor to wall in your kitchens and offers the most exclusive touches.

Unique Touches on Kitchen Countertops

T-One by Kale is the sign of a very different and new approach to kitchen design of modern times. The special dimensions of Kalesinterlex porcelain plates allow you to create future-orientated styles in all applications. These 5 mm thick porcelain plates bring a brand-new interpretation to traditional understanding with their 120x360 and 100x300 cm dimensions. With its special lamination application, T-One by Kale turns your kitchen into the centre of attraction of your home.

Along with the details in its aesthetic look, T-One by Kale kitchen countertop models should definitely be looked into for the hygienic affects you would like to have in your kitchen. Thanks to their robust structure, these new generation countertops protect you against negative surprises in your kitchen. This new series come with designs that combine different colours such as beige, black, grey, red and anthracite with unique textures.

Kitchen Ceramics Reflect Your Aesthetic Style

Kale brands offer attractive suggestions for the design of your kitchen, with the various collections inspired by the past. Çanakkale Seramik brings the touch of quality to your style with several series of kitchen tile models. The Miniatile collection reflects the dynamic spirit of the city in the Avenue series, where it combines simplicity with modern lines, and the nostalgic effect of retro style in the Windsor series on the floors and walls of your kitchen. With its different color tones and non-standard sizes, Çanakkale Seramik collections continue to be the pioneer of innovation.

Kalebodur effect in kitchen design is noticed with its ceramic applications inspired by nature. While the refreshing effect of the Iceberg series adds quality to the time spent in your kitchen, the texture of natural stone and the rich appearance of the veined structure of marble describe your aesthetic style and imagination. If you are one of those who cannot give up classical tastes, you can display the matte-looking geometric patterned wood effect in your kitchen with Kalebodur Wooden Chest.

Quality and Hygiene Effect in the Kitchen

The effect of ceramics can be felt in the kitchen details with Kale. You can experience the advantages of ceramic in every area of your kitchen, from countertops to floor and wall applications.

The ceramic designs of the Kale brand that add value to your living spaces allow you to enjoy the effects that bring the past and the future together in your kitchen design. Ceramics, produced by considering all the details required for your health, care about your and your loved ones' future. Cleanliness and durability, stand out as important features of ceramic surfaces produced with different colours and textures

Designs That Will Inspire Your Imagination are Waiting for You

Kale, which aims to maintain the effect of ceramics for different spaces, underlines this effect once again with T-One by Kale, which it has developed for kitchen countertops. Keeping up with innovations and technological developments, Kale continues to offer different designs that inspire your imagination in ceramic applications. Visit Kale stores to discover the Kale brands, create this innovative effect in your kitchen, find out kitchen countertop prices and more. Learn the details that will guide you in your decoration on Kale’s website. Have a look at the catalogs of the Kale brands to get innovative inspirations for the joyful ambience you want to create in all your living spaces, such as your bathroom, balcony or kitchen.

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