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Bathroom Accessories

One of the important details that make your bathroom a special living space for you is bathroom accessories. You may consider different options that reflect your style for these accessories, which produce solutions for your needs as well as reflect your taste. Bathroom accessories models, in harmony with other details in your bathroom, fulfil many tasks that offer you convenience during the day. While choosing these special details, which you will place at the most suitable points for the needs of everyone in your home, you should focus on quality choices as much as giving importance to aesthetic points. Kale brand guides you in this choice by appealing to your taste with different bathroom accessories it designed for modern and classical styles. Every detail you may need in a bathroom, such as hangers, wall lamps, soap dispensers, toilet brush holders, shelves, toothbrush holders, trash cans, corner utensils, liquid soap dispensers, dispensers, bathtub handle bars, and sponge holders, is offered to your taste and service at Kale.

Special Series for Classic Bathroom Accessories Set

Special accessories series of Kale, which integrates with bathroom furniture and ceramic products, are designed for different tastes. In these designs, where every need is considered, durable products are produced that can be used for many years, and at the same time, it is aimed to create a unique decoration in your bathroom with their modern and classic looks. For classical style, the Anglosaxon and Victorian series add richness to your living spaces with their curved lines and eye-catching colours. In the Anglosaxon Series, which prioritizes chrome and gold colors, you can leave an elegant impression with hangers, wall lamps, soap dispensers, toilet brush holders and toilet paper holders. These bathroom accessories with chrome and PVD gold plated brass take you on a journey in history with their splendour.

In the Victorian Series, bathroom accessories are designed as towel holders, hangers, toothbrush holders, toilet brush holders, soap dispensers and toilet paper holders. While keeping the traces of the Victorian style, which left an important mark in the history of decoration, in your bathroom with these accessories, you can have an elegant and aesthetic design. The noble harmony of white and gold or white and chrome allows you to create spaces that appeal to your eyes and that you will enjoy being in. You can feel the spirit of Victorian style with gold plated brass hangers, and chrome plated brass soap dispensers crowned with ceramics.

Stylish Bathroom Accessories Follow in the Footsteps of Modern Times

If you want to be inspired by modern designs while choosing bathroom accessories that will complement your design, Kale offers you a wealth of options in this regard. Bathroom accessories of modern houses achieve harmony in this contrast with their simplicity, functionality and elegance in black or white decoration preferences. Kale’s Icon Maxi, K100, D100, K300, Public, D300, Concept, Karina and Sissi series, which bear traces of the future, are candidates to be your choice with their plain lines and elegant styles. With its angular and modern lines, K100 defines the bathroom accessories of minimal houses. D100 Series porcelain accessories, which take on great tasks in small spaces by being mounted on the wall, on the other hand, symbolize simplicity.

In K300 Series, chrome-plated bathroom accessories on brass create an even more effective presentation with the effect of frosted glass in D300 Series. Combining different functions with a new approach in bathroom accessories, the Concept Series offers you detailed and useful products such as shelf towel holders and toothbrush holders with hangers. Accessories that make your life easier in the Assistance 2.0 Series, which removes obstacles, on the other hand, appear as golden reflections of special tastes in the Sissi Series.

Bathroom Accessories You Are Looking for Are Available in Kale

You can visit our website to obtain information about the prices, series and all other details of bathroom accessories and to discover details about the series, and you can make the right choices for your bathroom among the special options and use them for years. To examine the products closely, you can visit the closest Kale sales point to your location.

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