The pioneer of ceramic tiles

Modern Designs That Best Meet The Expectations of Professionals

Used in millions of buildings across Turkey, Kalebodur – the eponym of ceramic tiles – offers a world of inspiration to consumers with its renewed product range. Kalebodur presents unique products focused on design to meet the needs of architects and professionals to boost creativity in their projects. Kalebodur also offers exclusive solutions to meet specific project requirements.


Kalebodur, which managed to rank first in Turkey's architectural tissue for years without compromising its respectable line, is also shaping the future with its innovative line. This brand, which represents quality and exclusive tastes, continues to reflect the views of professional perspectives under the umbrella of Kaleseramik. Defining ceramics as “ceramics”, Kalebodur collections are produced with state-of-the-art technologies for the needs of the modern age and rank first in design. With its philosophy observing the environment and human health confirmed with international quality certificates, Kalebodur has a say in every space as the architect of indispensable styles.

Indispensable for Professional Choices

Forging prestige with its name, Kalebodur is an important brand preferred in many special projects. Kalebodur products, which are preferred in remarkable special projects in many different locations from Italy to France, from Hungary to Britain and Iran, continue to showcase their deep-rooted history at home all over the world. Kalebodur, whose name you are accustomed to seeing in architectural projects that are praised in Turkey, from hospitals to museums and shopping centers, is indispensable for professional choices.

Impressive Kalebodur Collections Meeting New Generation Technologies

Kalebodur is trying to protect your comfort by using new technologies while reviving a story and approach in each of its different and impressive collections. SlipFree technology, which offers you the anti-slip surface, is one of them. This technology, which provides non-slip feature with softer and smoother touches on traditional surfaces, guides you for your safe steps. Thanks to this technology, which also offers stain-proof and easy-to-clean feature, all spaces experience the privilege of Kalebodur ceramics. You should definitely choose SlipFree for ceramic flooring, which offers the possibility of application that you can adjust according to the space with its non-slip values between R9 and R13.

Kaleguard, on the other hand, is another very special technology developed by Kalebodur for ceramic tiles. This application, which protects the ceramic surface with a nanocomposite coating, also has antibacterial, water-repellent and self-cleaning properties. Kaleguard surface protection technology differentiates Kalebodur collections, as it does for all Kale brands.

Certified Sensitivity

Transparent and environmentally sensitive production process of the collections standing out with the Kalebodur style is verified with international certificates Kaleseramik holds. Along with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), the Health Product Declaration (HPD) for wall tile products certifies the sensitivity of collections to the environment and human health.

Kalebodur products protect the environment and enjoy the pride of making the most valuable investment for future generations. Standing out with the colors, patterns and sizes of its unique product range, Kalebodur is determined to design these products by using healthy materials and according to your needs.

Dazzling Patterns to Match Your Style and Designs That Go Beyond Borders

Kalebodur ceramic tile collections have free designs that can be inspired by every detail in the nature. Sometimes they incorporate the warm and soft feeling of wood and the reassuring nobility of marble in their texture, and sometimes they impress with the concrete-like appearance that you will follow your strong steps. Eliminating the limits of dimensions in its collections that appeal to different styles, Kalebodur allows you to reinterpret every space freely.

You can choose the Hued Collection for contemporary touches where special color tones are used together, the Courtyard Collection to feel the warmth of sunny days, and the Royal Gallery-Pattern Collection to experience the eye-catching effect of tile motifs, and you can experience the innovation with Kalebodur in all your living spaces.

While Kalebodur reflects its years of experience, professional approach and unique design spirit in all its collections, you can only make the choice that will inspire your dreams. All you have to do is to make your choice from Kale stores and catalogs to create peaceful and happy spaces that would define you.

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