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Shelving Units and Organizers

While creating regular storage areas, use your bathroom as you desire with shelving units and organizers that inspire original design ideas.

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Shelves and Organizers

The order in your home saves you time. It can sometimes be difficult to maintain order, especially in areas that you and other members of your family frequently use during the day. In such cases, you can make use of the accessories and a variety of organizer boxes that can help you achieve that organized look. Bathroom accessories help you create a tidy environment in your bathroom. Accessories such as the stylish and useful organizer boxes and transparent organizers that you will place in your drawers, bathroom cabinets and shelves provide the order you want. Kale offers you the organized environment you are looking for in your bathrooms, with shelves and organizers that are among the elegant bathroom accessories. Those who want to follow Kale 's professional line of bathroom organizers can choose from the stylish series for the shelves and organizers they wish.

Shelves and Organizers in Modern Bathroom Series

Imagining different styles, Kale brand offers you remarkable designs with shelf options in its bathroom accessories series prepared for modern choices. These shelves and organizers, which are as useful and durable as they are stylish, save space in your bathroom and allow you to keep your materials organized. While bringing a distinct decoration approach to your bathroom in a holistic way, the Icon Maxi Series also offers you special options that will raise your level of comfort. The drawer organizer with organizer box details designed by Icon Maxi symbolizes a touch that adds value to your life as an intermediate module. Drawing attention with its elegant and useful aspect, Icon Maxi helps you create unique spaces in your bathroom.

Adding a special detail to each series of shelves and organizers, Kale 's K100 Series combines the chrome-plated zamak shelf with tempered glass for a durability with a stylish effect. Shelves and organizers in D100 Series offer you the gold option as an alternative to chrome color. You may choose these shelves, which offer an elegant and modern look with their fine lines. Those who prefer the strong and eye-catching shine of steel can choose among the shelves and organizers in D300 and K300 Series, designed with chrome-plated on brass and stainless steel.

Useful Solution Suggestions with Shelves and Organizers

Shelves and organizers aiming to make your life easier with their useful aspects are at the forefront of the bathroom accessories series designed by Kale with different tastes and areas of use in mind. The Public Series is a powerful series that you can choose for your home or for public areas such as hotels, reflects this power in every accessory. Shelves and organizers in the Public Series are offered to you as chrome-plated on brass materials. In this series that utilizes every corner, Public Double Corner Material Holder, Public Corner Material Holder and Public Sponge Holder can be among your choices.

In the Concept Series, the shelves, which you will be able to use for many years thanks to the chrome plate on brass, are designed with smart details. The white ABS plastic shelf offers you the function of a movable towel holder and a hanger with its stainless-steel body. Also included in the Concept Series, the double toilet paper holder with shelf and the corner towel holder with shelf, change your perspective on shelves and organizers. Concept Series offers solutions to clutter, which is the problem of small bathrooms, with smart touches. While all areas in your bathroom are used wisely, you can have a more organized bathroom with these special accessories. You can reflect the elegance you are looking for with the gold and chrome frosted glass shelves of the Sissi Series.

You can visit the sales points and examine the models of the series on our website to examine the accessories of Kale that will add value to your life. The accessories of the series, which are included in the shelves and organizers carefully designed by the Kale brand, are waiting to help you organize your bathroom with different sizes and styles.

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