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Special Needs Products

Achieve accessible and functional bathrooms with designs that offer equal and comfortable solutions for everyone.

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Special Needs Products

Kale does not allow certain obstacles to prevent personal cleaning, and it designs special bathrooms that enable everyone to do their personal care using special needs products. Specially designed to make life easier for you by considering all the details, these products help you relax and start a clean and fresh day in your bathroom on your own. In line with its professional approach in bathroom design for persons with disabilities, Kale makes it possible to access every point you want to access in this private living space. Thanks to special needs products, the time spent in the bathroom turns into pleasure for everyone. A range of products has been specially designed considering all expectations and take their places in your bathroom.

Bathroom Products for Persons with Disabilities at Kale Quality

Within its bathroom series, Kaleoffers bathroom options specifically designed for persons with disabilities. Assistant 2.0 Series is a special series designed by considering all the features of modern life. You can avoid any obstacles in your bathroom by this series equipped with special needs products. When it comes to bathroom appliances for persons with disabilities , Assistant 2.0 Series can offer you a range of options. Many details come to the fore in this series, from easy access to the WC in your bathroom, where you enter with a wheelchair, to comfortable use of your washbasin, easy access to the shower tray, and taking your shower comfortably thanks to its non-slip floor.

In this series, which will be the choice of those who want to enjoy the privilege of Kale in bathroom designs for persons with disabilities , the90 and 135 degree angled grab bars are among the appliances that helps you to take safe steps during your WC and shower use. In addition to the 90 degree grab appliance that can be mounted on the wall and the floor, and the 135 degree grab appliance that is mounted on the wall, the 60 cm long Assistance fixed grab bar, which is also mounted on the wall, accompanies you in your safe steps. Among the special needs products , movable grab bars from the wall and the floor also support your transitions in the bathroom.

Bathroom Appliances for Persons with Disabilities Removes Barriers in Your Bathroom

Special needs products in the Asistans 2.0 Series also offer a bath chair option for persons with disabilities . Asistans polyurethane shower seat and support leg make you feel comfortable while taking a shower. The 80x80 square flat body shower floor also helps you to do your personal cleaning safely thanks to its non-slip feature. The washbasin in the Asistans 2.0 Series, which is among the special needs products, is mounted on the wall with faucet and water carrying holes, and offers ease of use with its curved design suitable for the use of persons with disability and the elderly.

The movable mirror in the Asistans 2.0 Series, which offers you a special design for special needs products, allows you to access the mirror from anywhere. The wall hung WC and the slow-closing smart seat system having SmartSeat technology, are specially produced to provide the comfort for the disabled and the elderly. This Idea 2.0 Ultra Slim Smart Set is easily removable, easy to clean, and it helps protect the hygiene in your bathroom.

Special Needs Products to Make Life Easier are at Kale

When you want to have a stylish and comfortable bathroom, you can choose Kale series. Kale, designs its products keeping all expectations in mind, and provides outstanding options also for special needs products. You can take a look at our product pages to closely examine the special needs products recommendations of Kale, which considers every detail for you to move comfortably, reach comfort without getting stuck, and relax in a clean bathroom. You can make the best quality choices for you on our website or at the nearest Kale sales point.

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