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Shower Mixer

Equipped with aesthetic details and functional features, bathroom faucets add comfort to the pleasure of showering. Raise the standards with faucets that add style to bathroom decorations, not just bathtubs and shower stalls.

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Bathroom Mixers

Bath mixers that help you enjoy the pleasure water offers you are much more special today with their different features and stylish designs. When choosing a bath mixer which is an important complement of the appearance of your bathroom, you should first turn to durable products suitable for frequent use. Other details you should pay attention to are whether it has functional features and whether it is harmonious with the other objects in your bathroom. Standing out with their special appearance in special designs along with modern life, the bath mixers reflect this difference in Kale series. Kale bath mixer models, which reflects quality and a distinguished interpretation with each of their lines, have features that will impress you with their functional styles. Bath mixers that appeal to different tastes and needs with their rich suggestions are there to be discovered.

Glittering and Functional Bath Mixers in New Generation Series

Applying its professional interpretation in bathrooms to every area that your hand can touch, Kale also uses this exquisite signature on mixers. The designs reflecting a harmony and an integrated approach in different series add a distinct feature to living spaces that are special for you. In your bathroom, where you will find comfort, pleasure and elegance together, you may consider special series when choosing bath mixers. One of the designs in the Basics, Zero, Verde, Trevi, Sempre, Nova, Mare, Artdeco, Tandem, Victorian, Idea, Waterfall Karina and Diamente series will surely offer you the features you are looking for.

While the Basics bath mixer with minimalist tracks, plain lines and smooth transitions saves water with its honeycomb flow regulator, the Zero Series offers you special options such as the black bath mixer. Zero bath mixers, which have a 180 mm comfort length, also stand out with their 40% water saving. Verde with its locking diverter system and Trevi and Sempre series with 35 mm ceramic cartridges are also capable of meeting your needs. Nova with its ergonomic and modern posture and Mare bath mixer with its 174 mm comfort length can also be among your choices. Like the Tandem Series, the Idea Series is ready to take its place in your bathroom with its long-lasting use and 5-year warranty. Waterfall Series bath mixers make your bathroom the center of attraction of your house with its special design for waterfall flow. Diamente, on the other hand, adds the built-in bath mixer feature to its diamond-bright reflection.

Bath Mixers with Classic Lines in Touch with Technology

In Kale, which appeals to these tastes with special series for those who cannot give up on classical lines in addition to plain lines, Artdeco Series, which complements its curved lines with an elite look, is among the classic bath mixer models, and it makes a hit with its chrome, gold and rose gold color options. The Victorian Series also adds 184 mm comfort length and 90° rotating ceramic disc control to its chrome and gold color options. Karina Series, on the other hand, turns into an object of desire with its chrome, brushed nickel and gold bath mixer options, the classic look of which is interpreted with modern lines. Karina bath mixer with a comfort length of 206 mm brings the advantage of water saving to your homes with the honeycomb flow regulator.

The thermostatic bath mixer option in Kale's Technology Series prepares your bathroom for the future. Pro Built-in Thermostatic Bath Mixer also has the feature of keeping the temperature constant. Offering you the head shower, hand shower, spout and water jet functions, this special design aims to transform your bathroom into a much more enjoyable living space by giving it an aesthetic silhouette.

Bath Mixers that Will Add Aesthetics to Your Bathroom's Silhouette are Available at Kale!

The bath mixers that will meet your needs, crown your bathroom pleasure, and provide you with extraordinary comfort bear the signature of the Kale brand, which you have trusted for years. You can examine the products with the details of the special series on the website, and visit Kale sales points to see them closely or to get detailed information about the prices of bath mixers.

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