Joining the construction industry with the production of ceramics, Kale Group founded Kalekim in 1973 to produce ceramic adhesives and grouts. In 2003 Kalekim merged with Kaleterasit, formed in 1968 to produce plasters and paints, and launched its line of interior and exterior paints as well as decorative pre-coloured plasters. Following the expansion of the insulation market in Turkey, Kalekim entered this sector in 2004.

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Apart from the lines that appear in the architectural design, there are many important factors in the background that bring together all the details. You should never compromise on quality for different building applications from water and heat insulation all the way to paint. It is your most natural right to know that you have a robust and reliable design when you realize the designs of your dreams. Kale has maintained an important position in decoration for years and guides you with its ceramic collections and innovative technological applications as well as in structural details. Kalekim is also a strong Kale brand that produces tailor-made solutions in decoration and stands out with its quality products. The answer to the question “what is Kalekim?”, could be that it is the quality signature of strong a brand in the construction industry.

Special Applications in Every Corner of Your Living Spaces

Kalekim products include water and heat insulation applications, paint and decorative applications, technical applications, and ceramic and floor applications. The products you need in waterproofing products are offered to you in different categories specific to your application area, as cement, acrylic, bitumen, polyurethane, and textile membrane based. You choose among these special options for your waterproofing according to your needs and complement your choice with impregnated primers and waterproofing tapes.

Adhesives are at the forefront in ceramic applications. In addition to Kalekim 1051 ceramic adhesive mortar, cement, acrylic and resin-based adhesives stand out in Kalekim’s adhesive options. Joint fillers and primers are other quality Kalekim products that offer you convenience in ceramic applications. Surface cleaning products, foams and mastics also provide a perfect look after the ceramic application.

While Kalekim includes auxiliary products such as mortars and surface smoothing screeds in its special products for technical applications, there are coatings, primers, industrial tiles, and surface hardeners in floor applications. Kalekim offers solutions for paint to ensure an aesthetically pleasant design in your home. Decorative paints, surface preparation materials, coloring systems, and interior and exterior paints add value to your design with Kalekim brand. You can choose among these complementary products while creating your decoration style with Kalekim quality.

A Perfect Complement for Decoration

In terms of heat insulation, Kalekim offers you a perfect decoration pleasure in terms of heat insulation boards, adhesives and plasters, decorative coatings, and complementary accessories as system components. Kalekim develops special applications for different spaces to meet your needs and expectations. Kalekim manages a satisfactory decoration process in the bathroom, kitchen, pool, balcony and terrace, basement and foundation, floor, interior and exterior applications. Kalekim offers different options for your construction chemical needs with more than 250 products. With a wide dealer network of more than 1400 dealers all around Turkey, Kalekim brings quality to all your spaces.

Kalekim Offers Solutions for Every Detail in Your Decoration

With special solutions for any space you wish, Kalekim provides renovation, impermeability, and easy cleaning in the bathroom. You can renovate your home thanks to the solutions offered by Kalekim such as kitchen renovation, different designs for your pool, suggestions for your balcony and terrace, applications for renovation, and basement insulation.

Kalekim provides solutions not only for homes, but also for large and crowded areas of use. Many structural solutions are at your disposal, from car parking areas, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and warehouse-hangar floor renewal to exterior renovation and sheathing. You can access all these solution offers, decoration details and information about applications that would add quality to your design at Kalekim dealers. You can explore in detail the information about Kalekim's prices, products and areas of use at the dealers, in the catalogs and on the website. You can consider Kalekim’s tailored offers through the special products as solutions for every place you want to renovate.

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