T-ONE by Kale

Kitchens advance with porcelain countertops! Securing its place in modern kitchens, T-ONE Porcelain Countertop is designed to increase the happiness in kitchen with its durable structure, hygienic surface and aesthetic appearance. Manufactured from Kalesinterflex slabs - the disruptive ceramics used in architecture with their superior features, T-ONE Kitchen Countertop is equipped with features that can meet all your expectations with its special lamination application.

T-ONE Porcelain Kitchen Countertop is manufactured by laminating 5 mm Kalesinterflex porcelain slabs in dimensions of 120x360 and 100x300 cm.

Strength is above all! T-ONE, which will accompany you for years with its durability in the kitchens where a lot of time is spent in our homes, always protects itself against different usage and environmental conditions. With its unique surface, you can chop any food you want on it without scratching. You can put the cooking container you brought from the oven or stove on your counter and easily clean it with the household cleaning products you want.

A "clean" sheet in the kitchens! The hygiene of our kitchens is of vital importance with regard to nutritional health. T-ONE kitchen countertop offers high levels of standards and hygiene in your kitchen with its advanced technology. It offers a comfortable and hygienic kitchen experience with its ability to be effortlessly cleaned.

Suits all tastes with its different colors... With T-ONE, no more need to design your kitchen around your countertop! Choose the countertop that is compatible with the items you want with different color options, combine your kitchen just like your dreams.

Discover the T-ONE kitchen countertop to shape the kitchens of the future with its unique features!